Saturday, 13 August 2016

Hercules: Still Going Strong Review (Dan Abnett, Luke Ross)

Hercules wants to be taken seriously as a hero so he’s given up the sauce. Shame that change doesn’t make him any more interesting to readers! New gods called The Uprising Storm are fighting old gods and Herc’s gotta put these young whippersnappers in their place to prove that the olds are classics for a reason… zzz….

Want to read a comic where Herc punches mythical Greek creatures in a contemporary setting? This is the book for you! To be fair to Dan Abnett, he doesn’t do a terrible job. There’s some amusing banter between Herc and Gilgamesh (aka Gil) who’s crashing with Herc while he’s down in the dumps, and the story is coherent. It’s just not terribly interesting to read a strongman character punching big monsters, which is largely what this is. 

Luke Ross’s art is decent and polished but is very much Marvel house style which isn’t the most unique look and doesn’t help this title stand out. 

Still Going Strong sets out to make the case that Hercules is still relevant and instead left me unconvinced. Will Herc stay sober? Don’t care. Maybe having an off-the-wagon alcoholic superhero in the Marvel Universe would be more fun? Hercules proves that being the first superhero doesn’t necessarily make you the best, nor the most enduring.

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