Saturday, 27 August 2016

Scarlet Witch, Volume 1: Witches' Road Review (James Robinson, Vanesa Del Rey)

James Robinson’s pitch for a new Scarlet Witch series isn’t the strongest: er, just have her wander the Earth, fighting evil spirits and such? Its arbitrary, uninspired nature is why this first volume doesn’t leave much of an impression.

The revolving door of artists, though giving it an inconsistent look, is the best part of this title. Marco Rudy’s painted art on the Greek issue where Wanda goes to battle the Minotaur is stunning and I was pleasantly surprised to see Steve Dillon drawing an issue as well. Javier Pulido draws the final issue in his usual simple, elegant style with gorgeous colours from Muntsa Vicente. The David Aja covers are wonderful too. 

Robinson’s stories though are so forgettable – episodic and pointless, like a crap Marvel version of Supernatural. Robinson tries establishing a nemesis for Wanda with the Emerald Warlock who is as lame as the name suggests and the attempt completely falls flat. 

Scarlet Witch, Volume 1: Witches’ Road is yet another terrible James Robinson book and a bore to read. I wouldn’t recommend it even if the constantly changing visuals from some of the best artists working today are quite something.

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