Monday, 1 August 2016

Colder, Volume 2: The Bad Seed Review (Paul Tobin, Juan Ferreyra)

Nimble Jack is dead, the Nightmare World is closed off and Declan and Reece are enjoying life together with Declan curing mental illness wherever he goes. Until a figure from Declan’s past returns, upset that the lack of crazy is causing his horrific crop to wither and die. He is Swivel, a finger farmer from the Nightmare World, and he is here to harvest. 

The Bad Seed is an ok follow-up to the first Colder book though Paul Tobin unfortunately doesn’t have much of a story to tell this time around. The book is mostly scene after scene of body horror as Swivel hacks off people’s fingers and does awful things like wringing people like dishcloths and ripping the skin of their backs to make paper planes! 

Artist Juan Ferreyra does a fantastic job of realising it all on the page and his artwork once again steals the show - Colder wouldn’t be the series it is without his contributions. And his Swivel character is so well-designed with so many creepy, unpredictable moments - whenever he shows up, you’re always wondering whether he’s gonna do something insane or just wander off. He’s a great monster. 

The second Colder book is very light on story so it’s not as compelling as the first one though Ferreyra’s art continues to impress and Swivel is an interesting, if quite shallowly-written, psycho. Body horror fans will love this one!

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