Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Avengers Standoff, Volume 2 Review (Nick Spencer, Daniel Acuna)

Superheroes are integrated into Pleasant Hill alongside supervillains which can only mean one thing: big pointless battle! Sigh… Avengers Standoff ends as poorly as it started!

There are way, way too many issues in this event for such a weak story. Nearly every issue in this final volume is characters realising that Pleasant Hill and their identities aren’t what they think. It’s so boring and repetitive. It was old by the end of the first issue in the first volume, it’s not getting any more fresh at this point in the event! 

Zemo once again falls into the generic supervillain template mould complete with unoriginal motivation – I’m gonna take over the world, wahahahaha! – and it’s not in the least bit interesting seeing characters fight over and over throughout. 

The “big moment” is a literal Deus ex Machina that was something everyone was expecting to happen to this character sooner or later - I'll put the spoiler way down after the end of the review if you're interested. The ending is one big nothing. One character is supposedly going to be punished, and Rick Jones’ whistleblowing fizzles out. 

A garbage ending for a garbage event – Marvel have done it again!

Old Steve Rogers becomes young again. 

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