Friday, 29 August 2014

The Goon #47: Occasion of Revenge #2 Review (Eric Powell)

Broadly, The Goon’s latest storyline, Occasion of Revenge, is about a group of evil sorcerers trying to steal Goon’s turf from him but with Eric Powell’s treatment, the story has many offshoots and diversions in addition along the way – all to the good of course!

In Occasion of Revenge #2 (or The Goon #47 if you still want to use the original numbering), there’s the dark story of Longfingers, one of the villains, who steals children until the Goon stops him. The sad story of Fred and Sandy – Fred who was led on by Sandy and who now haunts her in death – continues as Fred begins torturing Sandy. And we see Willie Nagel’s origin story (he’s the zombie with the daisy in the bowler hat) which is, of course, tinged with darkness and tragedy.

There are some light moments like Franky’s alarm clock getting covered in revenge shit by a chap called Giuseppe and Goon’s relationship with his new lady friend blossoms, but, my word, Powell is going all out on the misery in this arc!

Occasion of Revenge #2 is a lovely, leisurely-paced comic with beautiful art as usual from Powell – the pencils in Willie’s tale are wonderful. It’s a bit like those old-timey comics from the early 20th century where there were blocks of text accompanying the art. Things look to be ramping up as Goon makes a temporary alliance with mob boss Rigatti while the sorcerers prepare to mount their next attack on Lonely Street.

I’m delighted to have a regular Eric Powell comic again after so long! Occasion of Revenge #2 is another fine Goon issue from this modern-day comics genius.

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