Friday, 29 August 2014

Letter 44 #9 Review (Charles Soule, Alberto Albuquerque)

The giant alien ship, nicknamed the Chandelier, has finally been assembled. Now comes the moment of truth – is it a mining device or a weapon of war? We instantly get the answer as the aliens test it out, destroying one of Jupiter’s moons! Alarm bells start ringing to everyone in the Clarke and back on Earth, but with such immense power, does humanity stand a chance?

Charles Soule is unfurling his inspired story perfectly. Things have been built up beautifully to this point with Soule juggling the Clarke’s storyline in space and President Blades’ storyline back on Earth with enormous skill, especially as there are mini-plots within each thread.

Former President Francis T Carroll (the George W. Bush-esque character) is up to something shady in Germany, while Blades’ wife makes a startling proposition to the Head of Congress. The brilliance of this series is that even the political storylines on Earth are as entertaining to read about as the more dramatic story happening in space.

Soule’s writing is as superb as ever, as is Alberto Alburquerque’s art. Letter 44 #9 is a fantastic issue that shows a series only improving the deeper we get into it. The ending is one helluva cliffhanger too!

Oh and in Letter 44’s universe? Queen are still together and impossibly young (unless they’re all holograms)! But I heard Roger Taylor’s drums on We Will Rock You when I was reading the last few pages so what an appropriate cameo!

Letter 44 #9

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