Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Amazing Spider-Man #5 Review (Dan Slott, Humberto Ramos)

So far, Amazing Spider-Man has been a far less than amazing return for this bestselling series. Now onto the fifth issue of this new run and I think I’m about done with the single issues. 

Sigh, one more time then… 

Peter’s freed Cindy Moon aka Silk from her prison and the two are now uncontrollably canoodling at every opportunity because they were both bitten by radioactive spiders and that’s doing something to their chemistry when they’re together. 

Meanwhile, Black Cat is hella peeved that Spidey threw her in the hooscow and wants revenge on him. Electro’s also peeved at Spider-Man because he has to be, not because he actually has a real motivation. The two lametastic villains team up to bring him down - on live television! 

Could this series be more boringer?! 

The only memorable thing about this issue - and don’t think it was the finale which I bet you is a big fake-out which we’ll see in the next issue being miraculously dodged - is the amount of bad puns Black Cat says. Seriously, nearly every single line of hers is a pun. Here’s a selection: 

“13. My lucky number. What’re the odds?”
“This Black Cat’s crossing your path.”
“If you’re a smart eel, you’ll slip away.”
“I’m stealing your thunder. Actually (pointing to Electro), that’d be what my friend here’s doing.” 
“Oh Max, there’s nothing you could do that would shock me.”
“Getting in here was so easy... it was downright criminal.”

WOW. More cheesy than a hunk o’ cheddar. It’s almost like this issue should come with a button for the canned laughter - “Amazing Spider-Man #5 is filmed before a live studio audience”! 

And really, that’s the whole issue. Is anyone interested in the fact that Peter and Cindy want to get off with each other (besides pervs)? Or that Jonah’s getting a TV talk show? We’re all just waiting for Spidey to defeat this laughable pair of baddies and move onto something more worthwhile. 

The always decent art from Humberto Ramos aside, Dan Slott’s script for this issue felt thrown together in an afternoon - if that! - which I can understand given the ridiculously accelerated shipping schedule of this title, but still, what a sloppy piece of work. 

This opening story arc for the new series has been totally underwhelming and this issue is no less disappointing than the others have been. For me, this is where I drop off with the single issues and maybe pick up the trades when they come out - maybe! 

(A side note: I’ve noticed Marvel putting in previews of the new Moon Knight series in a lot of their comics. Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey have exited with Brian Wood and Greg Smallwood stepping in - it’s pretty clear they’re anticipating a drop in sales now that the creative team’s changed, but they’re still trying to keep readers: “with continuing colourist Jordie Bellaire”! the tagline desperately reads. Hmm. Nah, that title’s sales are going to seriously dip come #7 onwards, sorry, Marvel!)

Amazing Spider-Man #5 (Original Sin)

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