Friday, 22 August 2014

Manifest Destiny #9 Review (Chris Dingess, Matthew Roberts)

Lewis and Clark’s expedition is still divided with Lewis on board the ship trapped by the underwater arch and Clark on the nearby shore. 

Lewis spends the issue attempting to eliminate the giant river monster he’s named the Ranidea by tossing up hunks of meat and then trying to shoot it with his rifle when it leaps up. Comically, he’s not that great a shot, though he thinks he is, so the crew are still in the same place at issue’s end. 

Meanwhile on shore, Clark’s group are foraging the nearby forest looking for specimens to capture and give to Lewis to study. Clark realises that two of his crew have gone missing and sets out to find them - with plenty of insect monsters lurking in the foliage to attack them! 

I’m really enjoying Manifest Destiny but #9 feels like a bit of a wasted opportunity. Nothing really happens on Lewis’ end while Clark catches up with what the reader already knows happened in the last issue, then the comic ends on more or less the same cliffhanger as the previous one. 

Manifest Destiny’s a great series but #9 is a very average entry which sees the story treading water rather than pressing on with its great premise. Hopefully things will pick up next month. Beautiful cover though!

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