Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Ms Marvel #7 Review (G Willow Wilson, Jacob Wyatt)

Look at that great Jamie McKelvie cover of Kamala taking a selfie with Wolverine - how adorable and fangirlish! 

The second half of Kamala’s first superhero team-up with the legendary Wolverine sees the pair fight a giant crocodile in the New Jersey sewers before dodging traps set by the evil Inventor. 

What I like about this team-up though is that it’s between a complete newb and one of the most experienced superheroes in the Marvel U, and yet it’s Kamala who’s doing all of the heavy lifting - she’s saving Logan, fighting the bad guys, and saving the day pretty much all by herself!

I was worried G Willow Wilson might lean too heavily on Wolverine as a crutch for Kamala to get herself out of scrapes (even in his weakened state) and this would turn out to be another Wolverine story, but he’s a background character at most, and, in a Ms Marvel comic, it’s all about Ms Marvel, which is exactly as it should be! 

What makes this series of Ms Marvel so delightful is Kamala Khan herself and she continues to have these lovely moments dotted throughout the comic that make me love her all the more. She’s still learning to be a superhero so her quips are weak (to the giant crocodile: “Get - back - you giant - lizard!”), while after the fight she’s upset that she had to hurt the antagonist, and then when she and Wolverine are nearly in the clear, she does a little dance of happiness! 

Logan has some great moments too. Arguably, the guy’s at his best when he’s teamed up with a teenage girl, a la Kitty Pryde or Jubilee, and he’s really great with Kamala. He spends this comic (and the last) passing on his years of wisdom, helping her understand what she has to do to be the superhero she needs to be, while pushing her past her limits to new levels of bravery. I think it’s tough finding really good solo Wolverine comics but to find the really great Wolverine books, look no further than the ones with female co-stars to see the guy in his element. 

The second Ms Marvel arc sees Wilson nudging Kamala into the wider Marvel Universe. The Wolverine team-up was the first step, and now... no, I won’t ruin the final page surprise, but it’s perfect! 

Holler with me: Ms Marvel #7 is awesome!

Ms Marvel #7

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