Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Superior Spider-Man #32: Edge of The Spider-Verse #1 Review (Dan Slott, Giuseppe Camuncoli)

What what whaaaaaaat - Superior Spider-Man’s back!?

Well, yes and no. This is a new Superior Spider-Man ish however it’s set during the events of Superior Spider-Man #19, before Peter Parker reclaimed his body and banished Doc Ock to oblivion, so it’s both new and old at the same time.

SS#19 was slap-bang in the middle of the Spider-Man 2099 storyline and this issue picks up the events inside Horizon Labs when Ock was trying to stop the lab from imploding. In the process, he’s sucked into a time portal where he’s transported to 2099. While trying to return back to his timeline, he discovers there’s a monster hunting down and murdering all of the Spider-Men from every universe, and decides to band together as many as he can to fight this threat. So begins: Edge of Spider-verse! 

Maybe it’s because I’m burned out on time-travel Marvel comics, maybe it’s because this seems like a feeble cash-grab, maybe it’s because it feels like Dan Slott’s run out of steam thanks to the double-shipping schedule for Spider-Man and needs to take some time off; but this comic didn’t really do it for me.

I want to read more Superior Spider-Man but a time-travelling Doc Ock teaming up with various different Spider-Men (“every Spider-Man ever!”, the blurb announces) to fight Some Guy doesn’t seem interesting to me. Nor does Slott’s script make it seem very engaging. Ock does lots of boring science stuff, he fights some boring futuristic dudes, and then the issue’s over. No real surprises crop up and it felt like Slott was on autopilot the whole way through.

Giuseppe Camuncoli’s work is as wonderful as ever, tackling Slott’s ambitious story with panache and drawing some explosive (albeit brief) action scenes. It’s fun to see the designs of the various Spider-Men too, but it doesn’t make up for the lacking script. The whole idea just seems like a less funny version of Deadpool Vs Deadpool.

I got nothing from this comic. My interest peaked when I found out a new Superior SpIder-Man was coming out, then it dipped once I realised it was a flashback issue, and it spiralled ever downwards as I read it. Superior Spider-Man #32 is a snoozer of an issue that doesn’t make me hopeful for this Spider-Verse storyline.

Superior Spider-Man #32 (Edge Of The Spider-Verse)

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