Friday, 22 August 2014

Deadpool Vs X-Force #3 Review (Duane Swierczynski, Pepe Larraz)

The mediocre Deadpool mini-series where he battles (most of) X-Force gets something of a plot in this issue as Wade reveals to Cable why he’s really been sent back in time by the shady billionaire – and it ain’t for some sentimental lost son, neither!

This series has really been Deadpool Vs Cable because the others are basically blundering about in revolutionary America and civil war America while those two figure things out. This issue is no different with Cable breaking free of Deadpool’s mind-control tech (which lasted about 5 pages!) and beating the crap out of him against the backdrop of China circa the Boxer Rebellion.

Neither writer Duane Swierczynski or artist Pepe Larraz are doing particularly badly – both of their work is fine – it’s just not particularly standout, and the premise of yet another Marvel time-travel storyline merged with a Vs crossover is difficult to get excited about. It’s too gimmicky and uninspired.

There was a moment in this comic where Deadpool’s blown to pieces by Cable where I would’ve liked to have seen how his regeneration process works exactly – do the pieces slither together and then gel until they regain his form? – but this was skipped over.

The final page reveal might make the last issue more funny than the other three have been, but I wouldn’t be surprised either if it was just a whole lotta nothin’! If you’ve enjoyed the last couple issues, you’ll enjoy #3 too. Deadpool Vs X-Force hasn’t been as brainless as I expected but it’s not been brilliant either – it’s just a mediocre miniseries.

Deadpool Vs X-Force #3

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