Friday, 15 August 2014

Sex Criminals #7 Review (Matt Fraction, Chip Zdarsky)

The last issue was the only comic in the series which I only halfway enjoyed rather than completely, and, having read this issue, I think it’s because I don’t like Jon. This issue kicks off with Suzie talking about the negative effects that her new birth control is having on her before seguing into Matt Fraction silliness – pavement muffins, drawing dicks on faces, etc. – which was great.

Then it’s back to Jon and his adolescence and I immediately began to lose interest. The sparkling humour and energy was instantly sapped with Jon earnestly recounting how he dealt with being a horny teen with the ability to freeze/slow down time in a school of hot girls. Thankfully, it doesn’t become seedy, ie. Jon messing around with unwilling participants, but it doesn’t develop into compelling or fun material either.

Things pick up once Jon talks about how he got revenge on Kegelface: breaking into her house while in Cumworld, only to discover she has files on them – and there are a LOT of people who can do what they do. The highlight of the issue was definitely the dildo-fight in the end with a Darth Maul-esque double-edged dildo!

Sex Criminals #7 is still distinctly Sex Criminals but the second arc has moved on from the romance/sex side – because that only lasts so long at the start of a relationship – to becoming about, unexpectedly, Fraction’s exploration of modern pharmaceuticals. The last issue covered Jon’s medical history and this one makes a point of covering some of Suzie’s – and neither comes off as complimentary of modern medicine.

There’s still the comedy and continuing character development that’s made Sex Criminals stand out but the more I’m learning about Jon and Suzie, the less I’m liking Jon – which is always a direction things could take when you get to know a person in depth. Not because he’s a bad person but because he’s pretty dull, at least when he’s recounting his mundane past. Jon in the present though is slightly better.

The Sex Criminals are living up to their title, having gone back to stealing, and the series is building up a pace. There are some fun scenes in this issue and Chip Zdarsky’s usual high quality work that makes Sex Criminals #7 a very good comic.

Sex Criminals #7

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