Friday, 31 March 2017

Giant Days, Volume 6 Review (John Allison, Max Sarin)

In Giant Days Volume 6, the girls deal with a burglary, a disastrous dinner party and a cranky old neighbour. Also, Susan gets sick and is nursed back to health by her pops Big Geoff, Esther gets a job at the local comics shop, and Daisy gets her first girlfriend, the wild and crazy German student Ingrid! 

I didn’t think I could love Giant Days more but then, during the burglary story, a David Caruso from CSI: Miami lookalike appeared and bumped up my adoration to the next level! If you don’t know why that’s amazing, Caruso’s character, in the cold opening of an episode, notoriously started a sentence… put on his sunglasses… then finished his sentence immediately followed by the CSI intro which kicks off with a YEAAAAHHHH!!! rock song. Here’s a link to a supercut of those gloriously cheesy moments - I don’t know how many times I’ve seen that video but it never fails to make me laugh. Massive kudos to John Allison for putting that into his comic! 

I love all the characters but Daisy gets the most attention in this volume which is great as she usually gets the least. We discover her sad secret origin revealing her parents’ fate and the turbulent courtship of Ingrid commences. Her character really grows in this book – she’s blossoming into a woman of the world! 

Big Geoff is an awesome character too and I loved how infantilised Susan instantly got when her dad showed up to do all the cooking, etc. Even the heavier material with their elderly neighbour was superbly handled and engrossing. And Max Sarin - I’ve said everything I can say about her art in previous reviews, but: perfection as always, Max! 

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever read a comic that’s as consistently high quality as Giant Days. Even beloved titles like Scalped and Dragon Ball had minor flaws in their first six volumes but Giant Days is something else. John Allison is just a ridiculously talented writer. “Despair o’clock” as a caption for Ed Gemmell’s house? Majestic. Like the previous five volumes, Giant Days Volume 6 is flawless. 

Giant Days might be… (puts on sunglasses)… the greatest comic the world’s ever seen! (YEAAAAHHHH!!!)

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