Saturday, 11 March 2017

Demon, Volume 2 by Jason Shiga Review

Jimmy can demonically possess anyone he’s near when the current body he’s in dies - he’s essentially immortal! Despite being the most wanted man in America, he decides to use his new powers to get revenge on the drunk driver who killed his wife and daughter. And then he makes a shocking discovery: his little girl is still alive - and in prison?!

Jason Shiga’s Demon might be my favourite comic around at the moment. I loved the first volume and I loved the second too, which ups the ante of the craziness Jimmy gets into - and it’s awesome! 

It starts a bit slow with Jimmy experimenting with his powers, trying to figure out what the rules of demon possession are, and, later on in the story, the info dumps on the demon background are a bit tedious to get through. But the rest of the book more than makes up for these plodding moments as to make them negligible complaints. 

The prison break scene was absolutely smashing as Jimmy goes up against a Kill Bill-style phalanx of guards. The train rescue was even better and the incredible plane sequence that closes out the book was even better than that - they’re all utterly gripping and exciting set-pieces. 

I think the fact that Shiga is a maths graduate is partly why the series is so brilliant as the ingenious plot development really feels like watching someone set up and solve an increasingly complicated maths problem. But he’s also a superbly talented storyteller who knows how to make it read well too. 

Demon Volume 2, like Volume 1, shows that this title is one of the most imaginative, original, clever, inspired, and purely fun comics out there. I had a blast reading it and I’d recommend this series to all comics fans. Unless he’s already turned them down, I don’t know why DC/Marvel aren’t fighting to sign this guy up!

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