Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Amazing Spider-Man/Inhumans/All-New Captain America: Inhuman Error Review (Jeff Loveness, Luca Pizzari)

(Minor spoilsies ahead.) 

A floating bird city appears above Manhattan to destroy New Attilan. Surprising how populated New York is in the Marvel Universe with so much destructive superhero bullshit happening there on a regular basis!

Inhuman Error is a three-part crossover between The Amazing Spider-Man, Inhuman, and All-New Captain America and it’s pretty bad! Despite his Groot miniseries being the business, Jeff Loveness can’t infuse the same charm or imagination into three of the (arguably) worst Marvel ongoings at the moment. 

The NuHumans are as bland and uninteresting as ever, Spidey is Spidey and Sam Wilson is still terrible as the new Falcon-Cap. The villain, Red Raven (a long-forgotten Golden Age character), has this stupidly convenient device where he presses a button on his wrist and a pink force-field appears around random people and teleports them away!

As generic as the storyline seems, what really cheesed me off was how badly the conflict was resolved. All it literally takes is for Red Raven to tell Medusa his problem and for her to agree to help him fix it. That’s all he had to do to begin with - none of the fighting was necessary! So mind-numbingly dumb. It’s the standard contrived superhero story. It’s also amazing that Marvel are still milking this Terrigen Mist crap YEARS after Black Bolt detonated the bomb in Infinity – when the fuck will it dissipate?!!?

The art isn’t anything special either. For some reason Ryan Lee gives Spidey this weirdly thin and scrawny neck – it looked like a bent old man cosplaying as Spidey!

Inhuman Error was indeed an error to read!

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