Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Batman: Long Shadows Review (Judd Winick, Mark Bagley)

The downside to Grant Morrison’s awesome Batman run was the numerous unnecessary spin-off books made purely to capitalise on his success. Battle for the Cowl, Bruce Wayne: The Road Home, Life After Death, Eye of the Beholder - just terrible, useless comics. Long Shadows is part of that garbage heap of crap.

Long Shadows is an epilogue to Battle for the Cowl, a pointless epilogue to an even more pointless book - we already knew Dick Grayson was gonna be Batman because Morrison showed us in his run! We didn’t need Battle for the Cowl and we sure as hell didn’t need Long Shadows.

What happens in this book? Nothing. Dick has doubts about being the new Batman and Penguin and Two-Face correctly suspect the real Batman has disappeared. That’s it! Nothing we didn’t see in Morrison’s run or any of the other spin-off comics. 

Batman: Long Shadows is awful, unentertaining, worthless and instantly forgettable - don’t bother.

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