Monday, 20 March 2017

Daredevil, Volume 3: Wake Up Review (Brian Michael Bendis, David Mack)

Daredevil and Leap Frog tangle on a rooftop and now Leap Frog is gone. A traumatised kid holds the key – can Ben Urich get him to talk about what he saw? 

Daredevil, Volume 3: Wake Up feels like Brian Michael Bendis testing the waters before jumping into Daredevil proper with Alex Maleev for their amazing run. And it’s an ok book but, as is often the case with Bendis, Wake Up is little more than a short story stretched to book length.

Most of Wake Up is well-written but little happens for the most part and it’s kinda dull. Ben Urich is the star of the show and, having read End of Days beforehand, I’m beginning to suspect he’s going to be the main character for a few more Daredevil books - Bendis seems to really like him. Some Daredevil fans though might find the title character’s absence for most of the book frustrating.

I’ve always liked David Mack’s covers and occasional inserts but I’ve never seen him illustrate a full-length book before – wow! This dude has amazing range. He can draw Frank Miller-esque superhero art, photorealistic art (Peter Parker looks like Leo DiCaprio and Matt Murdock’s temp secretary IS Kate Moss!), childlike unsophisticated art, painted art, and present it all in a Dave McKean-esque collage layout. It’s so creative and imaginative to look at – I loved it!

Wake Up is competently written, the art is really strong and the ending is satisfying too, though it’s not gripping reading. It’s a decent Daredevil story but it’s not gonna blow anyone away and doesn’t come close to the heights of Bendis’ later Daredevil books with Alex Maleev.

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