Thursday, 9 November 2017

Swamp Thing, Volume 7: Season's End Review (Charles Soule, Jesus Saiz)

Here comes DC with another load of old cobblers in Swamp Thing, Volume 7: Season’s End! It’s the Kingdom of the Green vs the Kingdom of the Machines in Charles Soule’s final dreary Swamp Thing book. Who’ll win? Who cares!? 

Alec Holland goes up against literal faceless bad guys, as bland, boring and forgettable as you can get. Silly, witless fighting occupies most of this trite book which gets wrapped up in a convoluted and hastily contrived way. Etrigan and Constantine cameo to no real effect and Anton Arcane is brought back once more for a forced final confrontation to give the impression of an arc. The volume closes out with a pointless Futures End issue that added absolutely nothing to both this book and that rubbish non-event. 

Jesus Saiz’s artwork is top notch as always with some imaginative designs that included Superswampy, green triceratops avatars and a cute corn Swampy! And, as snoozetastic as the fight scenes were, Saiz did make them look very cool. His art has been the only thing that’s made Soule’s less-than-mediocre Swamp Thing run tolerable. 

Season’s End is a dull end to a series that started well but got progressively worse. Rot indeed!

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