Friday, 10 November 2017

Batman: Legacy, Volume 1 Review (Chuck Dixon, Jim Balent)

Yikes, that was terrible! So Batman: Legacy, Volume 1 is Utterly Garbage Batman Book #874 or thereabouts (I’ve lost count at this point). It’s so, so bad!

The first third is about a shit Punisher ripoff called Lock-Up who kidnaps criminals from prison so he can Lock them Up (geddit - like his name?! Yup, that’s the level of inventiveness Chuck Dixon operates at!) in his own prison. What? Why?! It’s not just that it’s beyond boring to read but it’s got absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the book. It’s a complete waste of time. 

Catwoman goes on a trite Indiana Jones-wannabe caper to get an ancient stone disk from a temple filled with easily-overcome deathtraps for a villain called Collector who - ahh, you beat me to it, yes he COLLECTS STUFF! Honestly, Chuck Dixon must’ve had some serious dirt on DC’s top brass to have kept getting hired to write this level of dogshit for as long as he did. 

The disk is connected to the main story the subtitle refers to but only just - like the Lock-Up nonsense, the Catwoman drivel could’ve easily been dispensed with entirely without any effect on the Legacy storyline. It’s just yet more needless padding. 

Not that the Legacy stuff is worth reading anyway. It’s just another bad Ra’s Al-Ghul storyline who’s, sigh, trying to wipe out humanity once more. It’s a cliche at this point. It even ends with Batman yet again taking his shirt off to sword fight with Ra’s - WTF?! Is that the only way Batman can face Ra’s or something?! 

Amazingly there’s still more crap here like Huntress pointlessly doing her thing in Gotham, Azrael droning on about nothing, Tim Drake and Wildcat uselessly teaming up, and Nightwing sporting a laughable pony tail but, really, spare yourselves the misery and skip Legacy entirely. The only legacy this collection leaves is the reminder that Batman in the ‘90s was a joke.

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