Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Giant Days, Volume 8 Review (John Allison, Max Sarin)

Boyfriends and girlfriends behave badly threatening friendships left and right in Giant Days Volume 8! Daisy’s girlfriend Ingrid runs up a disastrous heating bill forcing poor Daisy to choose between her love and her best friends Esther and Susan. Meanwhile, just as Esther befriends Emilia, Emilia’s beau McGraw reveals his on/off relationship with Susan has been secretly on for months! Will he and Ed Gemmell (sporting an unwise Anakin Skywalker braid) survive Emilia’s brothers’ wrath? Also - find out McGraw’s first name! 

I’m not even surprised at the consistently high quality of Giant Days anymore. John Allison and Max Sarin have delivered every single time before, and continue to, that I just save up these comics for when an arc completes, pick a time when I can enjoy them, and smile my way through another flawless read! 

If you’re unfamiliar with the series that summary might read like a cheeseball Hollyoaks knockoff but Giant Days is so much better than that. It’s a unique blend of inventive, imaginative comedy and young adult drama flawlessly executed by a creative team who can’t seem to put a foot wrong. Writing and art is first class all the way, once again. 

The characters and their stories continue to grow in new and compelling ways. I loved McGraw’s moustache origins, Daisy hustling rugby players at pool, and the little details as always - the Jeff Goldblum shower curtain, Esther’s gossip hat, and the gentle ribbing of triggered snowflakes on campus and the dominance of Funko Pop at comics shops these days. And I love where the series is headed too - who will end up living with who? Is John Allison slowly steering Ed towards Esther for their star-crossed romance (fingers crossed)?? These seemingly small questions become so big when you have a writer this good who can get you deeply invested in their characters! 

To anyone who wants to read a cracking non-superhero comic, this is it (not that I wouldn’t recommend this to superhero comics readers either!). It’s the greatest comic in the world, bar none, and Volume 8 only further highlights that. POWERFUL Giant Days!

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