Thursday, 16 November 2017

Superman vs. The Terminator: Death to the Future Review (Alan Grant, Steve Pugh)

Say hasta la vista to any hopes of being entertained with this tedious crossover between iconic franchises, Superman vs The Terminator: Death to the Future!

Sarah and John Connor show up in Metropolis and, wouldn’tyaknowit, Terminators aren’t far behind! In scenes hard to suppress chain-yawning, Superman effortlessly punches wave after wave of killer robots, retarded time-travel is tossed in, and the whole thing is about as imaginative and worthwhile as any of the non-James Cameron Terminator movies!

Alan Grant ticks off his list of things to include in a Terminator comic (weirdly minus an Arnie-lookalike) while Superman goes through the motions alongside Supergirl, Steel and Lois as they go up against Skynet and that shitty one-dimensional ‘90s character, Cyborg Superman. The only thing that remotely caught my attention was when Supergirl sprouted flaming wings – what was that about!?

Like most Superman crossovers, Superman vs The Terminator is pointless rubbish – no wonder it’s out of print! I’d time-travel back to stop myself bothering in the first place if I could!

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