Monday, 20 November 2017

Batman: Bruce Wayne, Fugitive Review (Greg Rucka, Ed Brubaker)

Indicted for the murder of his girlfriend Vesper Fairchild, Bruce Wayne escapes Blackgate Prison and “goes on the lam” leaving it up to Batman to find her true killer. Except, heh heh, Bruce Wayne IS Batman so nothing really happened! Ehhhh… So who really dunit?? Spoiler: nobody bloody caaaaarress!

Bruce Wayne: Fugitive is the ultra-shitty conclusion to what I imagine is the equally shitty Bruce Wayne: Murderer? storyline. The writers do nothing with the “Bruce Wayne is a fugitive from justice” angle because he’s Batman and Batman’s never in any trouble nor leaves Gotham so that’s a tension-free dud of a plot. Nor does anyone question how exactly Bruce Wayne could escape Blackgate. Like, nobody went, “Hey… that’s something BATMAN could do!” Whatever, this is dogshit. 

The investigation into Vesper’s murder is vastly overlong at 400 pages and utterly tedious donkey bollocks that just rehashes the same info with various characters without going anywhere. We know the real killer can’t be Bruce so any attempt at that pretense is a total waste of time while the actual murderer’s reveal was yawn-tastic. 

Batman’s origin is repeated for the umpteenth time, he punches some faceless goons, Azrael and Nightwing kick off, some cop gets wrongly incarcerated in the worst storyline here and one of the half-dozen or so writers involved in this drek has a stab at a half-assed romance between Bruce and Some Woman. Oh and that joke of a secret organization, Checkmate (a Chess-themed cadre of dummies) make a pointless appearance. 

Bursting with crap writing/art/story, Bruce Wayne: Fugitive is a criminally dull Batman comic - absolutely worthless, definitely not recommended to anyone, anywhere!

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