Thursday, 8 June 2017

Officer Downe Review (Joe Casey, Chris Burnham)

Officer Downe is the ultimate cop – an unstoppable killing machine who never rests until all the criminals are dead… or arrested, whatever! But he pisses off some corrupt animal-headed businessmen who are fed up with Downe never staying, er, down, and hire a flamboyant ninja hitman and his army of goons to take him out, once and for all!

It sounds like a fun comic, right? I did like the ultra-hyper-violence of it all. Downe spends most of the book literally punching through people’s heads, ripping off faces, kicking out spines, and unloading one gigantic gun after another into anyone stoopid enough to stand in his way, all gleefully and beautifully illustrated by mad Chris Burnham. It’s so over-the-top and silly, it’s funny.

But action is all there is to this one – it’s a very shallow and insubstantial read. The characters are one-dimensional archetypes, the story is simply an excuse for non-stop fighting and there’s nothing else to it. Officer Downe is basically a derivative X-rated Judge Dredd comic.

I adore Burnham’s art and it is bloody glorious here. This is an extremely graphic comic so if you’re squeamish and don’t want to see gore-splattered pages, definitely avoid this one! But, like his other comics Butcher Baker and Sex, crude, almost childish, shock value is all Joe Casey has to offer and Officer Downe is just another forgettable, blandly-written Casey comic.

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