Thursday, 1 June 2017

Batman Beyond, Volume 1: Escaping the Grave Review (Dan Jurgens, Bernard Chang)

I’m giving Rebirth every chance here. Dan Jurgens has always been a shit writer, Batman Beyond is always a shit title, but maybe - just maybe - the Rebirth version of Dan Jurgens’ Batman Beyond will be good…? Nah. 

Terry McGinnis - the OG Batman Beyond - is back from the dead. When did he die? How did he return from the dead? Who was Batman Beyond while he was gone? Not only aren’t they answered but the fact that these questions are asked in this first volume negates the claim on the back cover that this is a “great new jumping-on-point”! Future’s End, a big DC event story from a couple years ago set in the Batman Beyond-verse, is also a key reference in the story. This is for seasoned BB readers only; though, to be fair, a rushed retelling of Terry’s origin is included at the start so there’s a half-assed attempt at being accessible for new readers.

The Jokerz gang have taken over a patch of Gotham and their leader, Terminal, is trying to bring Joker back from the dead. Terry, himself recently returned from the grave, dons that snazzy outfit once again to fight Jokerz, once again. And at no point is it ever interesting to read. 

It’s a cliched superhero v supervillain story with weak and forgettable supporting characters and few standout scenes. Terry’s girlfriend Dana Tan is taken hostage for no reason - she’s literally there for the villain to spout exposition at. Bernard Chang’s art is ok, the twist at the end isn’t bad and Terry does do something different instead of just being Batman Beyond and punching Jokerz goons for a change. It’s small potatoes though compared to the vast tedium that is the rest of the book. 

Batman Beyond Rebirth is just like every other Batman Beyond book: beyond boring!


  1. When the review starts with words "...blah blah blah shitty author..blah blah blah shitty title.." you know, that it will be great! I wish your reviews where published in comic form - it will be much more entertaining than batman beyond lol. Everything, that was published after the killing joke - is a piece of shit, seriously, I think, that my writers from are even more talented than Dan Jurgens hehe

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