Wednesday, 14 June 2017

All-New Wolverine, Volume 3: Enemy of the State II Review (Tom Taylor, Nik Virella)

This is the second book in a row where the main title – “All-New Wolverine” – has been ironically undermined by the subtitle: Civil War II in the last book, Enemy of the State II in this; “All-New” my bum! It’d be nice if Marvel’s writers could come up with original storylines instead of relying on rehashing old classics but that’s just not Marvel’s (or DC’s for that matter) style – unimaginativeness is the watchword!

So, like Mark Millar’s Enemy of the State, Tom Taylor’s third “Wolverine” book starring X-23/Laura Kinney has Laura being used as a mindless weapon by villains – can she fight back against her programming, blah blah yadda yadda ya etc.

As you can tell from my subtly dismissive tone I wasn’t impressed with this one. Besides being derivative and predictable, this is yet another story about Wolverine’s Weapon X past, an archetypical Wolverine storyline at this point, whose only variation is that “Wolverine” has lady parts. The villain’s reveal and motivation were weak and the artwork was low quality, rushed-looking and bland at best.

The idea of Laura as a mass murderer was an intriguing premise while it lasted, some of the action scenes are cool and it’s not badly written, but it’s a largely forgettable and unengaging book. Check out the original Enemy of the State instead for a far more intense, exciting read.

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