Saturday, 24 June 2017

Kill Your Boyfriend Review (Grant Morrison, Philip Bond)

A bored schoolgirl falls for a slightly older bad boy townie. Together, they go on a killing spree for shits and giggles! It can only end one way… and in Blackpool?!

Grant Morrison and Philip Bond’s Kill Your Boyfriend was an ok comic. Morrison, inspired by the real life case of Charles Starkweather, has fun taking the pee out of the middle class with his angry protagonists and he made me laugh a couple of times with his outrageousness (particularly that twist ending). It also feels like we’re getting a sense of what he was going for in The Invisibles when our outlaws yell at the pretentious artistes who pose and do nothing else to change the world. 

Oddly for Morrison, it’s kinda one-note. Often his comics are trippy windows through his opened third eye with multiple subtexts and meta themes but this one is as straightforward as can be with just our main characters killing until they don’t. It’s a bit weak and stops being exciting before the end. I’m also not a fan of Bond’s blocky art.

Kill Your Boyfriend isn’t a bad comic but it’s definitely one of Grant Morrison’s minor works and not really a must-read for anyone but completist fans of this writer.

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