Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Mighty Thor, Volume 1: The Galactus Seed Review (Matt Fraction, Oliver Coipel)

Post-Fear Itself, Odin sends Thor diving in the World Tree for a powerful MacGuffin – a MacGuffin that will also satiate Galactus’ hunger finally so he’ll no longer devour worlds! But Odin’s not gonna give it up that easily. Time for a cosmic punch-up: Odin/Thor vs. Galactus/Silver Surfer! 

I’m not a huge Thor fan but Matt Fraction and Oliver Coipel’s The Galactus Seed was a really good outing for the God of Thunder! 

Like too many Marvel comics, there’s a lotta fighting in this one except it makes sense here because Thor is basically a barbarian who hits first and asks questions never! The fight between Odin and Galactus, two gods of incredible power, was imaginative though, playing weird mind games with each other’s memories rather than outright fisticuffs. 

This was also the time Loki was Kid Loki, a much cuter and more sympathetic version of the character than we’ve seen before. Fraction makes him very likeable and his storyline was great too – he’s actually heroic (though there’s probably more to it than that)! Even a minor character like Pastor Mike is written as more than a one-dimensional Bible-thumper-type character which I’m sure Christian readers appreciated. 

I felt that the reason why Odin refused Galactus the Worldheart/Cosmic Seed was contrived as there wouldn’t be a book without that conflict, and the Brigade of Realms subplot was pointless. Also, this book felt inconsequential as a whole: Thor gets magically wounded, though it doesn’t slow him down any, and the only major change happens to the Surfer - in a Thor book! It feels like a lot of fuss over nothing. 

That said, I was surprisingly drawn into the story and enjoyed it a lot. Fraction’s writing is very good and Oliver Coipel’s art is superb – the pair make a fine team and the book comes together really nicely. If you’re after an excellent Thor comic, The Galactus Seed is worth checking out!

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