Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Magneto: Not a Hero Review (Skottie Young, Clay Mann)

Guys, Magnet-Man’s not a hero - except he IS say whaaaaat?! OMGFHFHGH! Nah, he’s just the star of another shit comic. “Magneto” kills some anti-mutant protestors - or did he?!?!!? Snore…

Magneto: Not a Hero was awful! If Marvel’s top two corniest tropes are time-travel and “Secret” events, their third is clones and this turd is riddled with ‘em! Magneto fights a clone of himself and then clones of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Bo-ring!

I don’t know what the point of this one was but entertaining it was not! Skottie Young’s usual playful sense of storytelling is totally absent from this one. Clay Mann draws the book with all the personality of a turnip – he really is one of the dullest, most forgettable comics artists working today.

God, this was tedious! It should be called Magneto: Not Worth Bothering With!

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