Friday, 28 April 2017

Marvel Zombies Review (Robert Kirkman, Sean Phillips)

Robert Kirkman writes a Marvel version of The Walking Dead with Marvel Zombies, and, like a lot of The Walking Dead, it’s pretty bad!

I like how Kirkman launches straight into it. There’s a little bit of text at the start with some nonsense about how everyone became zombified but it’s basically Marvel hero zombies trying to eat the few survivors from start to finish. They wanna eat Magneto, Silver Surfer and Galactus (Galactus usually hungers – now HE’S the food! Boom… boom…) – yeah, the already thin “story” gets stale real quick. 

I also like that it’s written as a dark comedy with the heroes sitting around, post-“meal”, wondering what the hell they’re doing trying to eat people and the usual superhero action becoming a farce as body parts drop off mid-fight. Janet van Dyne becomes a demented talking head while Iron Man flies around, literally half a man with his legs missing!

But once you’re past the novelty of seeing classic heroes as zombies, there’s nothing else there really. The story is never interesting and I had to force myself through this slop even though it’s a mere five issues long. Even Sean Phillips’ usually high-quality artwork is workmanlike and uninspired.

Marvel Zombies could’ve been a fun comic but it turns out to be as lifeless as most of the cast!

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