Saturday, 15 April 2017

Cyborg, Volume 1: The Imitation Of Life Review (John Semper Jr., Paul Pelletier)

Oh my gaaawwwwd, I can’t get over how tedious this book was! Seriously, it shouldn’t take two weeks to read a superhero comic but this was so shitty I kept finding reasons to read other stuff over this garbage! 

Nobody’s favourite Justice League member, Vic Stone aka Cyborg, fights robotic monsters. One of them’s called Kilg%re which takes the prize for worst-named villain of the year! How do you say that name? In my head it’s “Kilgore” for readability but I guess the way it’s written is “Kilgpercentagere”? Awful! We also get Cyborg’s dreary origin story again. Yay… 

Vic is such a dull character. Some of the blame lies with writer John Semper Jr but I’ve read another Cyborg book before, David Walker’s failed attempt, and that was awful too. Some characters just aren’t meant to have solo titles and Cyborg is definitely one of them! None of the characters here are remotely compelling though and the blind black jazz guy was an embarrassing cliché. 

At its core, the book has an interesting philosophical quandary: is Vic a human or a machine that thinks it’s a human? Shame it’s not addressed! In its place is the usual superhero crap of hero punching villain, snore. One forgettable storyline, when Vic’s software is compromised by a virus and he starts attacking ordinary people, even makes the argument, inadvertently, that Vic is more of a liability in general than a useful hero! 

Cyborg, Volume 1: The Imitation of Life was overwritten and beyond boring. Purely for being so monotonous and taking me the longest to read, this is the worst of the Rebirth bunch - and it hasn’t been a stellar line either! I genuinely don’t know who would find this drivel worth reading. Unless you’re looking for a sleeping aid, don’t do it!

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