Thursday, 27 October 2016

Wonder Woman '77 Volume 1 Review (Marc Andreyko, Drew Johnson)

Following the success of the Jeff Parker-helmed Batman ‘66 comics based on the iconic Adam West TV show, this is the comics version of the 1970s Lynda Carter Wonder Woman series, Wonder Woman ‘77 - though unfortunately it’s nowhere near as good as Batman ‘66. 

While the show started in 1975, it began as a 1940s period piece with Wonder Woman fighting Nazis in WW2. 1977 is when the series was updated to a contemporary setting which is where this comic takes its cue. Diana and Steve Trevor are also secret agents or something working at the catchily-named Inter-Agency Defense Command (IADC). 

These stories though - yeesh! Wonder Woman fights sirens in a disco (because ‘70s!) and she battles her way through Doctor Psycho’s mental labyrinth. Both stories involve her punching stuff until they’re over - so boring and unimaginative! 

Barbara Minerva’s motivations for hating Diana are pitiful too - Wonder Woman gets an exhibit in HER museum, oh the gall! It’s not even played for campy humour, it’s completely straight which makes it even more ridiculous. 

The art in each story from a host of artists is actually really great but Marc Andreyko’s scripts are bargain basement-quality: instantly forgettable, unengaging drek through and through. Even many fans of the original show probably won’t get anything out of this wonder-less comic. 

Er, Happy 75th Anniversary, Wonder Woman!…

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