Monday, 10 October 2016

Sabretooth: Open Season Review (Daniel Way, Bart Sears)

Almost all of the people of a small town on the shores of Lake Superior have been viciously murdered - and Sabretooth has been spotted hanging around. Has Wolverine’s nemesis gone too far this time… or is there something else more dangerous lurking in the wintry wilderness…?

Daniel Way and Bart Sears’ Sabretooth: Open Season is a short but satisfying outing for this villain. At four issues long Way needed to be resourceful with his story but it turns out to be the right length - its compactness makes it well-paced and gets right to the point. 

The story is told from the perspective of one of the surviving Coast Guard which is a necessity given the twist in the final issue - if we were reading it with Creed’s inner monologue we’d immediately know the situation; this way the surprise remains intact. It also means though that we don’t see much of Sabretooth despite him being the title character which might not please some fans. 

It has shades of Alien and the first Predator movie with members of the Coast Guard getting picked off one by one which is the right kind of approach and tone for Sabretooth - hunting/hunter/prey, etc. Bart Sears’ art is ok - it’s nothing special but it’s not bad either. The movie flavour is accentuated by the wide cinematic panels used throughout. 

It is a simple story though that’s over very soon - it’s the right length but it’s still a quick read and not too memorable either. Sabretooth: Open Season is a somewhat compelling, breezy comic that’s pretty decent for the likes of Sabretooth.

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