Friday, 7 October 2016

Ghost Rider, Volume 1: Vicious Cycle Review (Daniel Way, Mark Texeira)

Johnny Blaze the Ghost Rider is still in Hell being tormented by demons – that is until he meets someone who can help him escape back to Earth! But all is not as it seems…

Vicious Cycle wasn’t bad but I’m getting a bit sick of storylines where Ghost Rider 1) is stuck in Hell, and 2) gets easily tricked by supernatural creatures into unwittingly doing whatever for them. Johnny’s really coming off as a braindead dolt who kinda deserves his repetitive punishment! 

We get to see Ghost Rider unleash his unique array of powers from the fire-breathing to the chains to the Penance Stare, which, coupled with his awesome bike and looks, makes him one of the coolest, and underrated, heroes Marvel has. He also has a fun fight/misunderstanding with Doctor Strange. 

Mark Texeira’s painted art looks great too but then you’d have to be a pretty terrible artist to make Ghost Rider look bad – dude’s a flaming skeleton on a motorbike! 

It’s a bit of a shallow and inconsequential story but Vicious Cycle is a decent start to Daniel Way’s Ghost Rider run and an entertaining enough story. The best Ghost Rider is still Jason Aaron’s who takes over from Way later on down the line but I’d still recommend both writers’ books for readers interested in this character.

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