Friday, 7 October 2016

Gunsmith Cats, Volume 1: Burst by Kenichi Sonoda Review

Rally Vincent runs a Chicago gun shop called Gunsmith Cats though it’s more of a hobby - she makes her real money as a bounty hunter! Burst is apparently the second run of Gunsmith Cats after its first run in the early ‘90s. And it’s also a boring, boring and really boring manga!

The stories are just not interesting at all in their unoriginality and pedestrian execution: Rally picks up a bounty, people shoot at her, she shoots back, the end. Repeat this several times and you’ve got the entire first book in a nutshell.

Also, I couldn’t give a flying spaghetti monster about guns! I have zero interest in them, so it’s an extra fuck you to me from creator Kenichi Sonoda as he allows his gun fetish free reign in this comic. When he’s not inserting needless and extremely dull gun details in the story proper, there are articles in between the stories with further gun details. Awful, just awful. 

Sonoda’s art is pure generic manga style. I don’t know why all manga must be so uniformly the same but they are. Gunsmith Cats looks like 99.99% of every other manga comic in existence – so unimaginative!

Apparently Rally and her partner Minnie-May used to be prostitutes too?! I got that detail from the blurb because the actual character work in this book is non-existent – Sonoda must think he’s writing only for existing fans of the series rather than newcomers like me. And what’s up with Bean eating tins of spam, tin and all – is he meant to be a robot or something?! 

If you haven’t got enough garbage comics in your life, load up with Gunsmith Cats!

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