Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Ghost Rider, Volume 3: Apocalypse Soon Review (Daniel Way, Mark Texeira)

Johnny Blaze the Ghost Rider briefly suspends his campaign of hunting down all of Lucifer’s avatars to fight Hulk in New York!

Apocalypse Soon is a short one at three issues, two of which are World War Hulk tie-ins. Ghost Rider battles Hulk, there’s plenty of big ‘splosions as the Rider’s chains rips a plane in half, carries a train, and topples a skyscraper - who knew it was that powerful?! But it’s lots of noise over nothing - Johnny rides off in the end and Hulk is fine. Meh. 

Stuart Moore writes the annual which closes out the volume. Ghost Rider gets back to fighting Lucifer and they get into an extended bar fight where they’re both still standing by the end. Even more meh! 

The blockbuster action of Daniel Way’s issues is fun in a silly way but very shallow and irrelevant like a lot of event tie-ins - Moore’s issue feels even more pointless. Apocalypse Soon is definitely the weakest entry in Way’s pretty average Ghost Rider run.

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