Sunday, 11 September 2016

X-O Manowar, Volume 9: Dead Hand Review (Robert Venditti, Diego Bernard)

The evil alien warrior Control created the Armor Hunters to track down and destroy all Manowar armors like Shanhara but also came up with a backup plan if they should fail: Dead Hand. A planetoid-sized mass of killer robots, Dead Hand has appeared on Loam, the Vine homeworld, and has plans for the next nearest armor planet: Earth. Aric to the rescue!

So XO Manowar is still in the toilet! Dead Hand is a derivative Borg copy and other sci-fi cliches like death rays and blowing up planets are unimaginatively utilised. The simplistic story ends up becoming Aric and a number of other alien Manowar armors fighting mindless robots which feels like reading the poor man’s Green Lantern, which Robert Venditti also wrote for DC up until Rebirth. 

Control should’ve really made Armor Hunters plan B because Dead Hand was so much more effective than they were! It’s still a boring story though - I wish this title would move on from this Armor Hunters crap; it wasn’t interesting for one book but for four?! Come on. 

The first four XO Manowar books are worth checking out but once Unity kicks in the title takes a nosedive that it’s still in thanks to rubbish like Dead Hand.

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