Friday, 9 September 2016

Captain Marvel, Volume 1: Rise of Alpha Flight Review (Tara Butters,

Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers is now head of Alpha Flight for some reason! That’s, uh, something meaningful to someone I guess? Off she goes to a space station orbiting Earth to save us from aliens and stuff. Hooray… belch.

I want to like Captain Marvel but I wasn’t into Kelly Sue DeConnick’s run on the character at all. It was boring, Carol came off as boring, it sucked. But DeConnick has left Marvel now and Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas, the showrunners of the short-lived Agent Carter show, have taken over - maybe now I’ll get to read a great Captain Marvel comic? Nope, this title still sucks! 

Any of you Trekkies? I liked Deep Space Nine but only really towards the end when war erupted. You can track the quality of that show by how Captain Sisko looks: if he’s clean-shaven with a full head of hair, the show’s probably terrible; if he’s bald with a ‘tache and small beard, the show’s hit its stride. This new Captain Marvel series is like a two-part episode of DS9 Season One, ie. the worst. 

Carol’s still really bland (her character is that she likes to punch stuff) and I’ve never cared for Alpha Flight before and the minimal character work they get in this one doesn’t change that. They putz around the space station, solve a space mystery, fight some aliens - it’s piss-poor quality sci-fi, uninspired and unimpressive through and through. 

Maybe some fans of the character might enjoy this - as surprising to me as it is, there are fans of the DeConnick run - but Captain Marvel unfortunately continues to be a really bad comic. It’s not even a big seller for Marvel either - I feel like the only reason they keep publishing her stories is because of the Captain Marvel movie coming in 2019. Eh, I’ll definitely watch it regardless of these crappy books - wouldn’t be the first time Marvel Studios showed Marvel Comics how to do things properly!

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