Monday, 19 September 2016

Dead Drop Review (Ales Kot, Adam Gorham)

A virus that threatens mass extinction of the human race is on the loose - it’s up to Valiant’s Iron Man, XO Manowar, their Hawkeye, Archer, and their joke Cyborg, Beta-Max, to save the day!

Dead Drop stinks. XO Manowar’s on the cover but he’s only really in the first issue. The second issue is Archer’s, the third is Beta-Max’s, and the fourth ties them all together.

The story is boring, convoluted and poorly told. It’s generic end-of-the-world crap that’s rushed through without it being clear exactly what’s happening, and, once I did find out, I didn’t care! All of the characters, including the established Valiant ones are one-dimensional and instantly forgettable and the chase sequences that take up half the book are totally unengaging. 

Ales Kot doesn’t know how to effectively tell what little story he has, particularly in Valiant’s usual four-issue format. He literally has to include a page of pure text at the end explaining how the plot resolved itself to try to help the reader make sense of it! 

I liked The Violent’s Adam Gorham’s art and Michael Spicer’s colours but Dead Drop is yet another piss-awful Ales Kot comic that nobody need bother with.

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