Saturday, 17 September 2016

Pronghorns of the Third Reich by CJ Box Review

Set in Wyoming, Lyle and Juan kidnap Paul, a lawyer whom Lyle believes cheated him out of his grandpappy’s inheritance and take him to a ranch whose bookshelves hold a dubious “treasure”…

CJ Box’s contribution to the Bibliomysteries series is the worst one yet! The whole point of this series is for the stories to revolve around books whereas they only tangentially feature here. The inspiration behind the story is a photograph from 1936 (which is included at the end) showing a German zeppelin floating above the American heartland being loaded up with longhorns – it’s a great photo and about the only positive aspect of this crappy enterprise! 

It sounds like an exciting premise and has an eye-catching title but it turns out to be a slow, plodding read with next-to-nothing happening to the small cast of dull characters and an unmemorable ending that I’ve already forgotten – and I read this yesterday! It’s a quick read but still terrible - don’t bother with Pronghorns of the Third Reich.

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