Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Book of Death Review (Robert Venditti, Robert Gill)

Though they’re a much smaller publisher, Valiant’s superhero event books manage to be every bit as crap as anything Marvel or DC put out! 

The Eternal Warrior protects Geomancers (Earth wizards) like the little girl Tama who’s a Geomancer from the future. Together they must find the evil one to stop a terrible future from occurring. Yeah, it’s as bad and slapped-together as it sounds. 

Book of Death is a mess. It’s not really a standalone - it follows their last (and also crappy) event The Valiant so if you haven’t read that you might be a bit lost and writer Robert Venditti very poorly explains what’s going on in this one. Who is Tama? How did she get here from the future? Where did she get this magic book of prophecy? If she’s from the future, how come she doesn’t know what happened in the past? 

The bad guy is painfully generic as a supervillain - he just wants powah and he’s evil and mwahahaha, gimme a break - and Eternal Warrior fights Unity just because Valiant wanted some stupid superhero fighting. The ending is as rushed and meaningless as the rest of the book. 

It’s so disappointing to see Robert Venditti churn out trash like Book of Death when he used to write such awesome Valiant comics just a few short years ago. I guess he’s burned through his best material? Book of Poo is Valiant trying too hard to be like Marvel and DC when being unlike them was what made them great when they relaunched in 2012. Here’s hoping they come to senses and move away from garbage event books in the future.

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