Friday, 2 September 2016

Sons of the Devil, Volume 2: Secrets and Lies Review (Brian Buccellato, Toni Infante)

Travis’ dad was David Daly, a cult leader from the ‘80s who made a deal with the Devil to sacrifice his 100 children to bring him to Earth – except a handful of kids survived. Daly was killed and the kids grew up scattered around the country. Now, 25 years later, someone’s picking off the remaining kids – and Travis is on the list. Could Daly have survived somehow… or is the Devil already here…? 

The second volume of Sons of the Devil is a disappointing follow-up to the exciting first book. Travis is meeting his surviving half-brothers and sisters to warn them of their predicament while one of them is covertly working against him – neither plotline moves very far. That’s basically it for developing the plot! 

The reader, who already knows, has to watch and wait for Travis to figure out who his therapist is, there’s more tedious clich├ęd melodrama between Travis and his girlfriend Melissa, and more flashbacks to the night in 1989 in the cult’s compound where things fell apart – which we already saw in the first book. A couple of new details are added to the ’89 flashbacks and there’s also a handful of interesting pages right at the end but it’s not much. This one is largely a repetitive and dull read. 

The first volume and the premise are both great but this second volume does the title no favours by barely inching the story forwards and opting to unsatisfyingly tread water for nearly the whole book. If you’re gonna continue with this series, go into this one with rock-bottom expectations!

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