Thursday, 24 March 2016

Warzones: Weirdworld Review (Jason Aaron, Mike Del Mundo)

Arkon is barbarian warrior. Arkon fight! Arkon look for home – Polemachus. Arkon fight! Arkon lost on Weirdworld. Arkon fight! Arkon not find Polemachus. Arkon fight! 

So Weirdworld isn’t Jason Aaron’s most cerebral comic! In fact it’s one of his rare misfires. It’s a Secret Wars tie-in that’s set on the floating island of Weirdworld above Battleworld where a Conan the Barbarian-type character traverses the strange landscape and comes across some familiar Marvel characters like Morgan le Fay and Man-Thing(s). 

I can’t fault the composition of the imaginative world: it’s filled with underwater apes, crystal warriors, lava men, dragons, and the best part of the book was Mike Del Mundo’s lovely painted art which renders it all beautifully – it’s a shame our protagonist is a boring dimwit and his quest is so generic and uninteresting. 

Aaron’s story is dull, meandering and utterly pointless given the finale – and if you don’t know how Secret Wars ends, this is one tie-in that flat-out tells you so read the main event before this to not be spoiled. 

Want to read a bland swords and sorcery Marvel comic? Check out Weirdworld! Everyone else, even Jason Aaron fans, don’t bother.

Warzones: Weirdworld

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