Sunday, 6 March 2016

Battleworld: Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies Review (James Robinson, Steve Pugh)

Two shit tastes that taste shit together - it’s Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies!

On Battleworld there’s a region called Perfection ruled over by the Ultrons and an area called the Deadlands filled with Marvel Zombies. They’re at war because whatever the hell. Enter Hank Pym from 1872 - why 1872? Uh… He’s got to save Jim Hammond, The Vision and Wonder Man’s town of Salvation from these two dingleberry forces somehow. 

This one couldn’t have PRODUCT stamped over it enough. What was the point, what was James Robinson going for? No clue. No story, some half-hearted attempts at making the reader give a damn about the characters (they’re in looove, you must care about them noooow), and a beam of light gets shot up into the sky at the end like in almost every superhero movie. It has nothing to do with Secret Wars aside from taking place on Battleworld

And how’s this for a plan as brain-dead as the Marvel Zombies: get the 19th century guy to somehow improve the tech he’s never even seen before, let alone understand, to somehow defeat the futuristic robots while the guys who created the tech don’t lift a finger to help! What?! 

A better question than why are the Zombies and the Ultrons fighting would be why haven’t the Ultrons completely obliterated the Zombies? They seem to have no trouble whupping their dead hides all over the damn place - why bother allying with these losers? Bah. Because nonsense, that’s why! That’s why this whole mini-series! 

Nobody tried on this one. They had a title, some space to fill and that was it. Utter garbage - the worst of the Secret Wars tie-ins and that’s saying something.

Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies

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