Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Punisher vs Bullseye Review (Daniel Way, Steve Dillon)

A mob boss gets humiliated by The Punisher and orders a hit on him - Bullseye accepts the contract. 

That’s right, it’s time for another round of the adult Marvel version of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd: Punisher (Elmer) vs Bullseye (Bugs)! And no matter how many times I see these two characters go at it, it never gets boring - it should but seeing these two lunatics battle each other is too much fun. 

Daniel Way does a good Garth Ennis impression with the jokes - macho gangsters in dresses, the lovesick sap who gets screwed over (although maybe that’s Steve Dillon’s input? He has worked with Ennis for years) - as well as the frenetic action you’d expect from Frank and Lester playing their lethal game of weaponized chess across the city. 

Dillon of course produces perfect pages with his art - I’ve said it before but for me he is THE Punisher artist, no-one else comes close. Way writes a decent Punisher and a great Bullseye even if the idea of him taking a contract that was worth only half a mil - and that a dead Punisher is supposedly only worth that to the mob - was insulting to both characters. But then maybe this mob family doesn’t have the cash and Bullseye just wanted any reason to fuck with Frank? 

That and the weak ending were the only problems I had with the book - they just sorta cease fire and that’s it. Even if the definitive Punisher/Bullseye book remains Jason Aaron’s Punisher MAX: Bullseye (which Dillon also draws), this one is yet another very entertaining carnage-fest between these two great characters - highly recommended to all Punisher fans!

Punisher vs Bullseye

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