Friday, 25 March 2016

Bionic Battle Rabbit #1 by Marc Jackson Review

Chester Hare is a computer programmer who’s on a deadline to get a game finished - but a cup’a coffee has other plans! Suddenly, Chester Hare is IN the computer game as a kinda hare - Chester Hare is… Bionic Battle Rabbit! 

Marc Jackson’s screwball comedy Bionic Battle Rabbit kicks off with a delightfully daffy first issue. Our hapless protagonist is either having a stress dream or living an ‘80s-type kid’s movie premise fighting his way past killer bots as the character he created. 

The drawing style reminds me of the animated version of The Ricky Gervais Show which is a good match for the light tone of the story. That, coupled with the interesting (if unoriginal) setup, and the effortless-seeming way Jackson tells his story makes for a thoroughly entertaining comic. And I loved the big bad reveal on the last page - what a great looking villain! 

If you’re after a really fun, well-written and drawn indie comic, check out Bionic Battle Rabbit #1, out tomorrow from Marc Jackson’s imprint Weirdo Comics, over on his site here:

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