Monday, 30 June 2014

The Private Eye #6 Review (Brian K Vaughan, Marcos Martin)

PI’s assistant, Melanie, is recuperating in Schwarzenegger Medical (really!) after the crash that totalled her cute lil’ car, while PI and Raveena have a lead on who killed Taj - a mysterious guy she hung out with called Deguerre. And there’s more: he plans on bringing back Internet. 

The Private Eye #6 is, of course, another fine digital issue in this great series - there hasn’t been a dud yet! This issue sees the plot advancing as PI and Raveena inch ever closer to the villain, Deguerre, and it’s about time - if there was a flaw with the first book, it was that there wasn’t really a confrontation between our hero and the bad guy. As the series gets ever closer to the final 10th issue though, Brian K Vaughan is slowly steering those characters together by making Deguerre aware of PI and deciding to hurt him by kidnapping his assistant Melanie. 

Vaughan makes the plot much clearer with this issue: Deguerre is bringing back the internet and to do so he needs to launch a satellite into orbit - that’s what the giant missile Nebular’s been working on is for. 

Deputy Correspondent Strunk gets his moment in the spotlight as he faces Deguerre’s two French assassins who’re trying to abduct Melanie, and an awesome gunfight erupts. Strunk’s gun has various settings, like Dredd’s lawgiver but much less deadly (no grenades!), firing colourful (paint?) pellets as well as live rounds. 

And speaking of colourful, artist Marcos Martin and colourist Muntsa Vicente continue to provide wonderful art for this book. The designs for futuristic hospitals are believable but still look different from what we have today, and the mask designs are as brilliant as ever. Vicente’s colours are unbelievably good and every page in this issue is gorgeous as a result of her work. 

The issue ends on a great cliffhanger which sets up PI and Deguerre’s first encounter - looking forward to that! The Private Eye #6 is another great issue full of strong writing and even better art.

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