Sunday, 15 June 2014

Secret Invasion: Black Panther Review (Jason Aaron, Jefte Palo)

Secret Invasion was a Marvel Event from a few years ago when the Skrulls - an alien race who can shapeshift - assumed high ranking roles in government, the military, and the superhero community, and then began their takeover of Earth. 

This is the three-issue Black Panther side-story that shows what happened when the Skrulls attempted to destroy Wakanda, the Black Panther’s small African kingdom that is nevertheless highly advanced. 

Black Panther’s a character I really want to like but from the few books of his I’ve read - mainly by Reginald Hudlin - I’m still looking for that great Black Panther story. Secret Invasion’s not a bad one though as Jason Aaron shows us why Black Panther is awesome, giving him titan Skrull champions to best in physical combat before using his strategic skills to outwit the Skrull commander’s ships. 

But it is only three issues long so Aaron can only do so much - I saw the bait and switch finale coming a mile off, and I didn’t even read Secret Invasion! And the Skrull champions with their smorgasbord of Marvel characters’ powers were just so silly and the character designs were awful. 

Jason Aaron can sometimes work wonders with little known characters - take Doop from his Wolverine and the X-Men run for example, and how Doop now has his own mini-series! - but while his Black Panther mini is totally fine, it’s unfortunately not a great book. It just doesn’t leave much of an impression which again comes down to its brevity. 

In the context of Secret Invasion it works well, but I’m still waiting to read that awesome Black Panther book that’s surely out there - or yet to come (Marvel NOW! Black Panther? Yes please!).

Secret Invasion: Black Panther

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