Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Journey Into Mysterious Comics #0

Each week we read comics we know and love – that’s why we read them! But what about the scores of other comics that get published that we don’t read? In Journey Into Mysterious Comics, I’ll pick up a random comic I know nothing about each week and review it. Maybe I’ll strike gold and find a great new title to follow, maybe (and probably) I won’t – but I live in hope! Join me each week as we… Journey Into Mysterious Comics!  


In this, the zero issue column of Journey Into Mysterious Comics, let me lay down a couple ground rules about what to expect:

1. There will be no DC or Marvel here!
I read plenty from both already, so my random picks for this column will exclude the Big 2 and focus on smaller publishers putting out work I would not normally read. This is about venturing outside the comfort zone, folks!

2. Recent releases only!
There’ve been plenty of bizarre and whacky comics published in over the years, but I want to focus on the comics coming out now rather than going back and reviewing something that’s likely been dug up and mocked elsewhere. So everything I review in this column will be current at the time of writing - new bizarre and whacky comics, here I come!

3. Webcomics welcome!
The idea for this column came when I picked up my comics of the week at my local comics shop, glanced at the many shelves of comics I wasn’t getting, and wondering what they were like. So I’m aiming to put some money in creators’ pockets by purchasing one random comic from the shop each week and reviewing it. But if there are some weird and wonderful webcomics out there, drop me a line if I don’t come across it myself, and I’ll have a look at it. The more bonkers, the better!

4. Ignorance is a must!
I’ll be selecting comics that look the craziest with the least recognisable names, characters and titles – but I won’t do any background reading or delve into anyone’s histories, creator or character. My review will be based entirely on the comic in my hands and nothing more, so the ignorance on display is intentional!

See you for JIMC (let’s see if that catches on) #1, with no variant covers!

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