Saturday, 28 June 2014

Rachel Rising 3: Cemetery Songs Review (Terry Moore)

Ohhhh-kay, I think this is where I exit the series, it’s officially become boring!

In the last book, the creepy blonde woman, Lilith, revealed that she and Rachel are back from the dead because they’re witches out for revenge on the town that wronged them centuries ago. It was pretty exposition-heavy but unfortunately things haven’t improved with this third book, which also manages to have even less going on!

The problems with this volume are 1) there is a lot of exposition but very little is actually revealed, 2) there’s no advancement of the plot, 3) the characters remain static, and 4) the female characters are difficult to distinguish from one another.

This book is full of moments we’ve already seen. Earl’s standing watch over Jet, again, who’s “dead”, again, and who comes back to life, again. Rachel and Johnny repeat their conversations about how Rachel was dead and now she’s come back to life and that’s impossible and yadda yadda yadda – get past it already! Malus continues to corrupt Zoe, the little girl who’s been killing people since the beginning. And that’s it – a whole lotta repetition!

So, as part of the witches’ revenge on the town of Manson, a trio of witches poison the water supply, but who are these witches? Besides Lilith, who’s the head witch, who’re the other two? When Lilith talked about the three witches, she mentioned herself and Rachel, and another – Jet? Or is there a third witch who hasn’t been introduced yet or are there more than three? Because so far I count at least five (though there may be seven!). It doesn’t help that Terry Moore’s character models for these witches make them near impossible to tell apart. Other than this, I still really like Moore’s artwork and it continues to be a delight in this book.

And, while that finale is shocking at first, once you remember that Rachel and Jet have come back from death twice already, why wouldn’t they come back a third time?

Rachel Rising was fun initially but it’s gotten so damn slow and repetitive I’ve lost interest. Rachel Rising, interest falling. Bye, Terry Moore!

Rachel Rising 3: Cemetery Songs

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