Friday, 9 March 2018

The Walking Dead, Volume 29: Lines We Cross Review (Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard)

Ah, the reliable roller-coaster of quality that is The Walking Dead! After the spectacular rush of Volume 28 comes the expected long, tedious build-up to the next bit of excitement with table-setting being the order of the day in Volume 29: Lines We Cross. 

Seriously: barely anything happens. Characters rebuild their homes, some grouse at others, they sob, they stick a few zombies, and that’s it for a good 75-80% of the book. Here’s the wafer-thin story we do get: Rick sends out a group led by Michonne to track down Eugene’s ham radio bud, the mysterious Stephanie, who is supposedly part of a larger community like Rick and co.’s. 

Nothing happens there except they meet a new character, Princess (the girl on the cover), a chatty spear-chucking Latina, conveniently introduced after the loss of a major older character in the last volume to shore up the numbers. I guess she’s kinda different but hasn’t really had a chance to do much of anything yet. 

There were a couple of unintentionally funny moments as Jesus and his beau dealt with the remnants of the Whisperers and that weirdo, Beta, pops up from the dead to yell something retarded. And Rick’s now taken to sleeping in the graveyard... ?! That’s just so absurdly emo that it tickled me. 

Negan and Maggie’s showdown at the end was interesting and I look forward to seeing how Michonne and co.’s mission plays out but, crikey, Volume 29: Lines We Cross was otherwise SUCH a boring and tedious read!

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